Kids Magical Surprise Box

Gift Set (Pack of 3)


Bath time should be fun for everyone! With our new Kids Magical Surprise Gift Set your kids can enjoy the natural, fizzy fun of our Cotton Candy Mini Bath Bombs, and discover a hidden surprise inside our Fairy Princess Ring Bath Bomb and Unicorn Toy Bath Bomb!

Our Cotton Candy Mini Bath Bombs are scented with a sweet scent of cotton candy and turn the bath water a magical light purple color if you mix 1 blue and 1 pink mini together! It comes with 6 mini bath bombs, made with a signature 7 oil blend for super soft skin. 

Our Fairy Princess Ring Bath Bomb comes with 1 adjustable size 4 gold-plated, platinum-plated or rose-gold plated ring inside to fit little fingers! It smells like sweet starberries and turns the bath water a beautiful magenta color. 

Unicorn Toy Bath Bomb is made with a sweet sugary scent of Cotton Candy and has a hidden unicorn toy inside!


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